The Art of Chaos and the Ego

The Art of Chaos and the Ego

Hate comments, even jokingly is bullying and it thrives everywhere on the Internet. Bullying, which is being mean to the point of causing mental and physical harm is NOT NEW.

Throughout the ages we read about people inflicting mental anguish and physical pain to booster their personal esteem, as if by magic, being evil minded gives the illusion of being a strong, victorious person. But sadly, these people, with big egos that function by disruption use chaos as their major tool of mind control. They take their chaos to the Internet where they inflict global persecution. They discredit without mercy and use the simple premise that if it is written and said enough times, people will believe it is true, the chaos of the domino effect, just like a fire, it overpowers and strikes leaving a trail of vermin.

The chaos mind control is not limited to teenagers on Twitter or any social platform being a bully, we see it at work, in social functions and even among our own friends and family. And of course in politics, especially around election time as a medium to rallying voter’s inner most negative thoughts. Make no mistake, when you cheer and rally around poisonous remarks, you become a hateful bully by association.

Next time you feel the urge to rally, listen to the words, if they are hateful and intended to be evil.  Just take a step back and think about you, who are you?  Do you really want to intentionally inflict a verbal knife into another person?  How would you feel if it was done to you?  More likely, you will bleed in pain, just as if the knife was real.

The Chronicle
Written by Marie Rivera Morales aka Maguida
June 8th, 2016
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